Radiating_MusicTrends in Modern Jazz change with the times. First comes new technology for recording and we all start to use Melodyne and other auto tune programs to “perfect” our music and recordings. But how perfect is it really, if it isn’t natural? Jazz being what it is, the trend is now for a real natural sound. Let’s hope you sing with good pitch because your recording producer just might want to record your voice as true as possible! Now according to Lady Gaga, recording without auto tune is now something to brag about.  On her new release with Tony Bennet you can hear the expression when she sings “Anything Goes” she is really shouting it out there and it sounds real and it’s natural and personally I love it. Thank you Lady Gaga! I feel great about my own recording now! You can’t compare vocal jazz sound to modern pop recorded vocals with major tech fixes. A Jazz singer should never sound so incredibly perfect as Celine Dion! It’s a whole different style of music.IMG_2235

From my own experience at first this had me cringing and doubting what was the best way to go. When producer Joaquin Betancour told me “your voice is incredibly in tune just on its own, let people hear the real you, the way you sound naturally, this is jazz! We are no longer auto tuning every little nuance and natural expression out of our recordings to create the “perfect sound”. So my recording of “Forever” got left au natural! “And I’ll tell you something! I still feel a little naked!” However, I am getting used to hearing my voice just a touch less perfect and it is growing on me and each time I here the recording I like it more and more. This is certainly something to consider for jazz vocalists. Are you good enough to record without using these crutches that modern music has been adapting? Try it out and see how you sound! It’s a very cool experience, it’s more personal and it forces you to get it right on! Let me know what you think of this and how it sounds on our Album “Forever”.

  Aug 12, 2014

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I loved hearing you live. I love the songs you have on you-tube. If it makes the songs on recordings sound live ,then yes. It is really up to you and what you are comfortable with.

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