131.jpgLets take a search around the web (it´s called the web, by the way, because it is very much linked up like all of the threads of a spider web..as if you didn´t know that, but its a good reminder of how it all works.)  Anyways, I have been looking around for some good jazz blogs to follow and surprise, I found this very cool blog and it has a wonderful article about our 2014 album “Forever” https://jazzyoutoo.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/malonie-carre-forever/ I left a message on the blog asking how they had found our music.  I was very curious how I managed to get mentioned by such a wonderful writer.  The answer was “believe it or not you left a message on the blog and we found you on Soundcloud”.  Well, Cool!  Right?  So I though I would do an interesting investigation.  How can a musician get mentions on different music blogs (for me that would be “Jazz Blogs” and how do you even find the best ones.  What would be best choice of blog spots for me as far as creating a jazz blog goes…. hmmm got me thinking.  Lets get some more info.

Some good looking Jazz Blogs

WordPress first… LOL!!




This Week’s Post


OH, my there are tons! I give up trying to list them!!  More to come on this.. let me check it out for you!



  Oct 30, 2014

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