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Malonie Carre is the Co Founder and CEO (Creative Evolution Officer) and the creative inspired energy of Evolucion Vertical and Casa Boutique Hokhmah. The company EV is founded on the idea and life mission of supporting the energetic evolution of the planet earth and its human inhabitants. Working directly with companies that dedicate their resources to Eco Tourism and adventure activities, we provide consulting, creation of projects and training for personal growth and healthy sustainable environments, creating amazing fun and exciting work possibilities for outdoor loving humans while protecting the planet.

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Become more attractive and shine with an energy and healthy inner glow that is so much more attractive than physical beauty.

Learn how the creative energy of your life works by taking EV´s Human Eco Efficiency Survey to find the areas in your life where you are losing important vital energy.

Get purpose, meaning and connection to the planet and to our beautiful human species that inhabits this incredible earth. You will never need to feel disconnected, depressed, lonely or unloved ever again.

Understand more clearly the adundance of sincronicity, flow and its connection to your intimate and creative erotic energy.

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